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Saguaro Lake

marina + fishing + rentals

Saguaro Lake is set in the Sonoran Desert and is rimmed with canyon walls. As the name implies, the shores of the lake are studded with majestic Saguaro cactus. Try the upper reaches of the lake (east-end) for more seclusion. Boat access camping at the east end of the lake. Tour-boat trips. Over 2200 fish-habitat structures were installed to enhance fishing on the lake. According to Bass Master Magazine, the best time for trophy bass is October to December and February to mid April. There are large bass in the lake; fish census show that 12+ lb. bass and 30-lb. Carp exist in the depths. Bluegill comes in a variety of sizes. Occasional species caught: Walleye, Black Crappie, Small-mouth Bass, Bigmouth Buffalo and Yellow Bass.

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